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Tofu and falafel have always been firm favourites as meat alternatives on menus. Not content with cooking up ordinary tofu and falafel we’ve been looking for new alternative tastes and products to try. And we’ve discovered some delicious ones. Eachwith their own distinctive texture and flavour we’ve been experimenting with new ideas from around the world.

Tofu, made from soy milk much in the same way as traditional dairy cheese, is a great source of plant based protein. We’ve been trying some ready marinated in tamari, garlic and spices. Our favourite way to serve it is in a vegan banh mi, thinly sliced and fried until crisp and added to a baguette with fresh pickled vegetables and chilli sauce.

We also got creative with oak smoked tofu; it is particularly good for making a bang bang tofu salad with a ginger infused peanut sauce. Traditional soft tofu has beenmaking waves as an ingredient in vegan desserts such as cheesecake, chocolate spreads and tiramisu.

Vegetable meatballs are versatile enough to be used in all sorts of recipes. We tried some made from textured pea protein and they made a fantastic vegetarian meatball sub! The plant based sweet potato veggie balls made a delicious vegetarian kofta curry and we also tried the chickpea veggie balls and lentil veggie balls with quinoa and colourful vegetables for nutritious power bowls. Originating from the Middle East and now famous the world over, falafel lends itself to use in wraps, sandwiches and burgers. All made with a chickpea base we’ve been trying a whole host of different flavours in addition to traditional falafel: beetroot, carrot and coriander, spicy butternut squash and sweet potato. Crumble over waffles for a new vegan brunch, pile them up in tacos with some vibrant zhoug or add to za’atar roasted beetroot and rocket for a vibrant warm salad.

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