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Lupa teams up with OAPA – get involved

The notion that we are ‘all in it together’ has never been more relevant, and yet in this time of social distancing and relative isolation, how can those that care continue to make a difference? 

At LUPA, we believe in putting our product where our mouth is, and have been actively engaging with inspirational groups across the country to offer our support where we can. 

One such group is Only A Pavement Away, a remarkable charity that works with the Hospitality industry to provide routes into employment for disadvantaged or vulnerable people. Since COVID emerged the charity has only become more relevant, and has been using its extensive connections to create relationships between industry and frontline services for the homeless.

Speaking about the need, Founder and CEO Greg Mangham said ”At the onset of COVID19, OAPA had two choices, stand back or help. In addition to supporting our Members we looked to introducing our employer partners with those charities looking to supply meals to the homeless. This is where the teams from Yummy and LUPA came in. Yummy were happy to cook and prepare the food but we need ingredients. But look no further as this was boosted by the generosity of the team at LUPA.”

LUPA Foods is delighted to support this initiative, and we would encourage our network to get involved in any way they feel they can. Together we can help those that are hit hardest, and in doing so deepen our own relationships with each other. The time is now, so get in touch if you feel, like us, that we can all help make a difference.

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